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Birthday Party Reservations

What better way to celebrate your child's birthday than at McDonald's®? It's easy, fun and exciting!

Complete the form below to reserve a Birthday Party. Please allow 2 weeks advance notice for each request.

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Order Details

Party fee includes minimum number of children. Any children over the minimum will be charged the fee below per additional child.

Party Fee: $0.00
Price per additional child: $7.00

How many additional cakes would you like?

 Chocolate Cakes at $0.00 each

Remember to order Happy Meals® for the children when a McDonald's representative calls to confirm your order!

Additional Package Information: Join us for some fantastic fun in our huge indoor Ronald's PlayPlace, and dedicated party room! Note: The $70.00* price of a basic birthday party for 10, includes a gift for the birthday child, "goodie bags" for the party guests, Happy Meals of choice for the 10 children, plus 1 chocolate cake. (Additional birthday cakes are $6.50, each. Yellow cakes are available, for special requests.) *Sales tax not included.


This order will not be considered a confirmed or guaranteed reservation until a McDonald's representative calls you to confirm the date and time for your Birthday Party Reservation.

*Prices do not include any applicable taxes.

Deposit required to reserve store: $20.00

Decatur McDonald's

This restaurant is owned and operated by an independent franchisee.

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Phone: 260-724-8812
Manager: Jennifer Hicks
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