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Let us make your child's Birthday memorable! We have a wonderful Indoor Playplace for the children to play and have a fun party.

  The party is set up for 10 children but we can accommodate as many guests as you like.  There will be Happy Meals, cake and ice cream. The children can play in the Playplace and a hostess will help with opening the gifts and there is also a gift for the birthday child from Ronald® McDonald.  The price of this party is $65.00. Or choose the cake and ice cream party for only$45.00. Have a party Monday-Thursday and receive a discount.


Fundraisers are an excellent way to raise money for your school, club, church or non-profit organization. They are available at your Clinton McDonald's.

All You Can Eat Hotcake Dinners have raised over $800 for many different groups. The Hotcake Dinners are McDonald's way to be involved in helping your group raise money for special projects.

McPrincipal Night is a wonderful way for the principal to let his/or her self be known to the parents of the school and the community while raising money for the school. The principal works behind the counter at McDonald's for a designated amount of time during the dinner period. In return, the school is given 25% of the sales during that time period.

Another way to earn money for your organization is our coupon books. Your group purchases a 12 page book of coupons for $1 and sells them for $3 making a $2 profit. Also, the person who bought the book will save over $20 when buying food at McDonald's. 

New Fruit & Maple Oatmeal



$1 Sweet Tea

In 2007, McDonald's U.S. launched a first-of-its-kind program, inviting everyday moms to be Mom's Quality Correspondents (MQC) and gain unprecedented access to the McDonald's food system.


This restaurant is owned and operated by an independent franchisee.

Store Photo 1796 E. St Hwy 163
Clinton IN 47842

Phone: 765-832-5975
Manager: Sharon Coleman
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  • If coffee is Joe, consider this Joseph.
    If coffee is Joe, consider this Joseph.