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Fundraisers are an excellent way to raise money for your school, club, church or non-profit organization. They are available at your Clinton McDonald's.

All You Can Eat Hotcake Dinners have raised over $800 for many different groups. The Hotcake Dinners are McDonald's way to be involved in helping your group raise money for special projects.

McPrincipal Night is a wonderful way for the principal to let his/or her self be known to the parents of the school and the community while raising money for the school. The principal works behind the counter at McDonald's for a designated amount of time during the dinner period. In return, the school is given 25% of the sales during that time period.

Another way to earn money for your organization is our coupon books. Your group purchases a 12 page book of coupons for $1 and sells them for $3 making a $2 profit. Also, the person who bought the book will save over $20 when buying food at McDonald's. 



Let us make your child's Birthday memorable! We have a wonderful Indoor Playplace for the children to play and have a fun party.

The party is set up for 10 children but we can accommodate as many guests as you like. There will be Happy Meals® , cake and ice cream. The children can play in the Playplace and a hostess will help with opening the gifts and there is also a gift for the birthday child from Ronald® McDonald. The price of this party is $65.00. Or choose the cake and ice cream party for only$45.00. Have a party Monday-Thursday and receive a discount.

New Fruit & Maple Oatmeal



$1 Sweet Tea

Karen King, President of McDonald's USA's East Division received the Women's Foodservice Forum Leadership Award April 2011.